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Item: 97967439

1strand $24.99High Quality Orange Moon Stone AA ++ Chestnut Faceted Briolette 1strand (aprx.7inch / 18cm)


Gemstone Beads

Product No.: DD3-3734L

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[S size]
1strand: Approx 81.7carat, Approx 9pcs + Spare
1pc Size: Approx 12-17x12-16.5x4-5mm [Size Gradation]

[M size]
1strand: Approx 119carat, Approx 8pcs + Spare
1pc Size: Approx 12-20x12-20x5-7mm [Size Gradation]

[L Size]
240carat, Approx 5pcs + Spare
1pc Size: Approx 24-27x24-27x5.5-8mm

[LL size]
1strand: Approx 273.5carat Approx 4pcs + Spare
1pc Size: Approx 25-34x24-34x6.5-7.5mm [Size Gradation]

Hole size: Approximately 0.5mm